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This Narayan Sarovarji, a great pilgrimage place is situated at Lakhpat taluko of Kutch district of Gujarat state in India.

Singing the praises as much as possible for Narayan Sarovarji is inadequate.

Because Brahmmani a chief creator of the universe has depicted it in detail shri shiv puran, shrimad Bhagwat, Vishnu Puran, Ramayan etc which are mythological sacred volumes.

Here it was where the first confluence of the lake (sarovar) and the sea took place. such a confluence is believed to be sacred.
pilgrims and saints from far off have been going in pilgrimage of this place.

There are 252 Vaishnav temples in india one of which is Trikamrayji temple at Koteshvar mahadevji, just 1 km away from Narayan sarovar it is highest significant to immerse and take bath in shri Narayan Sarovar. there are 84 seats of mahaprabhuji, out of which seat no. 63 meant for mahaprabhuji is found in Narayan Sarovar. The water which began flowing from the toe of Narayan Bhagwan (god)’s right foot ultimately remained holy water culminating into and taking shape and form of Narayan Sarovar place.

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